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Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 84: Teaching, Traveling & Testimony

hello my family!

how are you people?

i'm great here. before i forget. if elder schone's mom asks, he won't be writing until wednesday. so tell her not to worry. just for travel reasons. they are way far away so instead of coming down to senahu on monday, going back up on tuesday, then coming back down on wednesday-it would just be a waste of time.


Did you have an interview with president?
no not yet, not until the 25th.

Did he ask where you want to finish your mission? (Do they even ask that?) Do you think he will send you back to Senahu? if he asks i will ask to go back to senahu. i would love to end my mission there. i want to train an elder in qeqchi also. and i miss senahu. it is super chill up there. in more ways than one. sometimes its pretty cold too!

Have you thought about trying out for the BYU football team in the fall? Still want to?
depends on if i am in shape or not. if i am able to get in good shape over the summer than for sure i'll definitely try it.

Should I send you some protein packets?
if you wanna. dont know how much it will actually help.

Have you sent a memory card to your family yet?
its going out today. :)

Did you get a pair of shoes in the cap?
i bought them in coban. they cost me 270 quets which is a decent price. they fit me a little snug but it was the biggest size they had.

How is your companion this week? What is his best quality?
good. he and i get along great now. probably because we have spent a quarter of our missions together. that is a long time. but we get along great. his best quality is that he is a great teacher. he knows how to teach. its funny, he kinda leads the discussions in spanish and i lead them in qeqchi. it works great.

What was your favorite part of your week? Any baptisms scheduled?
my favorite part of the week. the whole week was good. i like those days though, that at the end of it i feel complete and peaceful inside. i like those days alot. friday was one of those days. dont know why i just felt good about everything. that olga girl whose parents were reluctant for her to get baptized will get baptized on the 29 of this month along with her little brother kerlon. he goes by meyo.

How is your assignment as ZL going? What's the best part? What's the worst part?
its good. the best part is how much i interact with the missionaries. the worst part is how little time we get for the people our area.

this last week we started teaching patricia to read. she came to church too! that was a huge relief when she walked through that door. she seemed to have liked it too.

amilcar, our other investigator, bore his testimony to us the other day too. he says that sometimes he is just so happy with his new knowledge he just wants to share it with everyone. especially his friends. this is a very evangelical culture though and they would disown him. he still has time to go on a mission. he is currently praying about a baptismal date and will let us know promptly when he wants to get baptized.

we found a new couple to teach. we went and visited them with the branch president. we tried putting a baptismal date with them and they said they have to get married first. but they should get baptized. their names are ricardo and carmen. they are just a little old couple. he never wears shoes.

as a branch yesterday after church we went and visited this very old couple who are members. they are just these tiny little old frail guys who have succesfully endured to the end. they are so strong for their faith and endurance in this life. they unfortunately have not been making it to church lately. they have been very sick. but we went to go visit them all of us and they seemed to be happier. they are so humble and so cute. i'm just not sure if i want to live to be old like them. that just looks like it sucks. everything just seems to hurt. i'll try and get a picture with them this next week.

megan said she got a ring! i dont know about the details though.

i'm trying to send the talk home. i may have to take a picture and send that though.
this email is not working well right now.

who asks elder smith if he knows me? other missionaries?

well the pictures im trying to send are being stubborn. its ticking me off. it is sooooo hot here right now. blahg.

on thursday we will be going to coban and will be coming back on friday in the morning. i'm looking foward to it. supposedly elder ballard will be having a meeting with president alvaro colon the president of guatemala and then will be speaking with us. so thats pretty cool.

when are the xgames supposed to be? will you let me know what goes on in them? they should be this next week right?

thats way cool about shawn doman. i need to play football still. imma be bald so i need to do something cool right? i am pretty sure thats how it works haha.

i love you all, say hi to clint and theresa for me. and to the chidrens.

till li xaman jun.

laj Elder Larsen

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