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Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 88: Back to Senahu!

hello yooz.

how are ya'll doin'?

Well, we are happy that you got to go where you wanted!
yes. it is so cold right now i love it!

Will you stay in Senahu for the rest of your mission or is there a chance you could get transferred again?
there is a very good chance i will get transferred again. i still have two transfers after this one we are currently in. that is very little time but i have already spent like 16 months of my mission in this place.

What's your companion like?
we get along great! he is about six foot tall, from arizona, black hair, blue eyes. he knows juditsu or something like that too.

How did things go with Marvin this week?
great. he didnt make it to church so in between sacrament hours of the first branch and the second one we went to go invite him to the second branch's sacrament meeting. but he postponed his baptismal date until the 26th. it will happen. the branch president went and made sure too haha. he went and visited him and his family. the branch president is the man!

Does he speak Spanish or Kekchi?
both. he prefers q'eqchi' but my companion can still bear his testimony in spanish and he understands.

this last week was good. the conference in Coban was great. we came away with higher goals and lots of drive to get it done. we came back with visions of senahu becoming a stake and seamay becoming a ward. so now our goal for seamay and our game plan is to work with less actives. the branch also set a similar goal. the branch two is awesome. almost functioning like an american ward. not quite though. and branch one is where we have tons of work to do. pastors are just coming in and instead of keeping the flocks they are ravaging them. in branch one there are about 300 members, however, about 70 come each sunday. needless to say our work is cut out for us.

we have found a family of five that wants to get baptized. they are amazing. saturday was the little sons nine year old birthday so we scrounged up some change, bought a cake and went to celebrate it with them.

tomorrow we have a dinner appointment. in qeqchi so my companion wouldnt understand i set up a dinner appointment with a family named family cuz. they are awesome and their son, Blas, is the returned missionary that called to welcome me back to the area. the family is awesome. the dad reminds me of dad a lot. says the funniest driest stuff. and the littlest girl is named amy. but i call her ch'ip. that means the littlest. she always asks me to do the chicken noise too haha. but we will have dinner with them tomorrow. will make sure to send pictures next week. the occasion, tomorrow is my companions birthday AND he hasn't tried caldo yet. thats the soup they make here. with tons of stuff in it and chile. muahahahaha. he'll like it.

this last week for service we also helped a member and his recent convert wife tear down a house to rebuild their kitchen. when i say kitchen i mean fire pit with metal laminate above it. i got a hilarious picture of the little girl there and will send it next week. forgot my camera today danget. sorry.

that is crazy about BYU. sounds like i have a lot of work to do. who is gonna help me get it done?

i miss and love every one of you. say hi to everyone. especially the family and bishop warren.



ps. happy valentine's day!

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