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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 82: Coral Pek, Rubel Pek & Aura

well hello my family!!

alright first of all, sorry about how random my emails are. we have been very busy.

this last week was very busy. we went to "consilio" or council with president and all the other ZL's. we also got to go to the temple again. i was able to listen to it in Qeqchi. it was absolutely amazing. much more powerful somehow. very simple to understand. the words somehow in qeqchi communicate a feeling more than they communicate an idea. i guess that comes with the simplicity of the language. it starts to communicate the simplest of ideas in simple ways. it seems english and other languages only communicate ideas with big words. i dont know. it is very difficult to explain. you would have to read it and know it to know what i am talking about.

they were good meetings with president. he announced that on the 20th of of this month we will, again, be traveling to coban. this time to listen to elder ballard. unfortunately he won't be making it to polochic but the meeting will be broadcast to coban and peten for the missionaries that cant travel all the way to the capital. supposedly elder ballard AND elder christopherson will be in central america. elder ballard will be speaking to the central mission and the north mission. i'm excited. it will be very cool!

so this last week we got back on thursday in the afternoon and left to go visit people. we were exhausted. then on friday i left with elder "yumo" mortensen and went up to Ch'ulak. i did a baptismal interview for them (pictures included) the little girl was very cute and very smart. she answered all the questions perfectly.
after the interview elder mortensen and i decided to go to a place called rubel pek then around to coral pek and then down to se'okok to go up to sajomte to sleep. the walk was a lot longer than the explanation. we walked soooo far. it was sooooo gorgeous though. we ran across a couple ranches. up there it reminds me of home right now. somehow there are dry colored leaves all over the ground and white trees all around. felt just like hunting. which feeling can also probably be attributed to elder yumo and i's love of hunting and depressing lack of it. anyway, we got to rubel pek (which means "below rock") and did contacting. some lady saw us, ditched her house, and took her kids running to another house. we later saw them again and made sure to contact them :) after, we found some people that were very intelligent and listened very intently.

we then started the walk to coral pek (meaning " corral of rock") and were able to talk to a bunch of people there. first though we took some amazing pitcures that for some reason were taken on his camera and not mine. they are gorgeous pictures though.

well we got to coral pek and it was beautiful. just a valley with a large hill in the middle of it dwarfed by huge mountains on all sides. down in the valley there was a huge ceiba tree also. they are very cool trees. well we started contacting people in the market. three young men caught our attention so we talked to them. two were from teleman. the other one spoke a language called achi. he was super interested and we had a very good conversation about the gospel. he lives in la tinta but never has time cuz he sells peanuts.

i got yumo's camera! i'll send the pics. i love you all sorry i'm outta time. i love you all! i will write a talk. what topic do you want it to be on. i need a topic! btw we are in el estor today just hanging out :) love!


sent more pics with this email. warankeb' li jalam-uch! ilomaq! image 216 is a little river elder mortensen (aj Yumo) and i found on our division. image 227 is a huge hill covered in grass we had to climb with a very nice backdrop of beautifully large mountains that i liked a lot. 203 the family of the little girl i did the interview for. the little girl is in the middle in black. 202 the little girl and her brother. her name is aura.

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