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Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 80: Ham Dinner, Christmas and Poqomchi

well merry christmas to yuuz!

How are you??
i'm great!

How was the Christmas conference and good food that you were promised?
it was awesome. a great conference. very relaxed. the spirit of the conference was what got me. if i hadnt had a cold i would have sung with elder turek, elder gonzales, elder howard, elder smith, elder norton and the sisters. they invited me but i couldn't sing. my nose makes it a lot easier to get colds and stuff. i will really need to fix it. but they sang away in a manger in qeqchi, spanish, and english. it was amazing. the spirit was very strong. i love this season. elder fadel balled. i nearly did.

Did you eat till you were stuffed? Was it a ham dinner? well yes and yes. i ate till i was stuffed and it was a glazed ham dinner. it was a ton of food. made me miss home though. thats the only thing ;) next year eh?

and no i dont know another dialect. just words. general greetings. they are very similar to qeqchi so would be easy....kinda....to learn. i would love to learn two languages called poqomchi and quiche. they sound sooo cool. i have a testimony written down in quiche. trying to memorize it. it wont be for anything but it would be really cool.

today for p-day we went to sacsuha and played ultimate frisbee. im outta shape. horribly. just means i have more work to do. we played with smith, turek, gonzales, my companion, lopez and norton. it was fun. really hot though. i feel like a new man (besides the pain and soreness) now. refreshed. i finally sweated profusely. mmmmm.

i think i have decided what i want to be. it will be hard but i think i can do it. i have the mind for it.

i have no idea what to write you guys. we will be talking in just a little bit! :)

i will call you guys tonight i think to set up the call and stuff. the forty five minute thing is so families dont wast money. and that is how it has always been. the whole mission. they always say that.

on friday we didnt work. i was wiped out. with the cold and all. my body just wouldnt get up. especially after the trip to coban and back. we got to the house at like nine at night.

the news with the baptisms. ricardo and elena seem really reluctant. i'm pretty sure they want free hand outs. they are having a tough time. we went to teach them this last week and the owner of their house accompanied us and seemed to be very touched by our message. she said she was going to come to church with elena but didnt make it.

the little girl Olga who was going to get baptized on the 25 still wants to. her parents are super reluctant for some reason. i have no idea. just gonna have to use the scriptures. she told me she wanted to get baptized on christmas but they are just making excuses not to do it. they really dont get it. we'll see how it goes. tonight we will go with them.

good to hear about peyton and that he is making progress.

ian cracks me up. they couldnt at least stick it in a microwave before blessing and passing it? one time i had to break and bless crackers in santo domingo. like club crackers. it really doesnt matter though. as long as the ordinance is performed. you can use anything.

what songs did you sing in sacrament?

i really have no idea what to say haha. if you have questions ask them tonight. just know that i love you all and wish you a very merry christmas.


ps. i know she got married. how weird is that?! so did alexis wilson from BYU. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY AND BAILEY!!!

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