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Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 73: Bono, A&W and Fecha's

hello family!
how are you this week? i'm good! i am in the capital right now. after this internet session i will go get my measurements for my suit and pick a fabric. it should be done in a week to a month. we will see. elder jensen got two. one is a normal dress suit. and the other is a light blue. should i get one?

that is awesome about the bakery! i am very grateful that oppurtinity presented itself.

what the heck is a mammoth doing in colorado? that is so awesome though. i would still love to be an archeologist. maybe a minor in that? i have no idea.

i found and bought some A&W root beer!! oh ya. :) funny. today we were looking for backpacks in a tienda called mundoextremo. its like army and factory surplus kinda. but they have crazy things there like tazers and junk. well i want a backpack like my companion's so we went there to look. well as we were walking out i overheard the ladies that work there say..." they are very alike, he's blonde just with the face of Bono." what? the face of Bono? i dont look like him. it was weird though. and i got a good laugh out of it.

we finally put a fecha with ricardo and elena! they should be getting baptized saturday if all works out. yesterday morning we went out to their old house and moved all the stuff into teleman. there metal roofing and some wood. that was pretty cool. he seemed very grateful. i did a division in chulac/sajonte/se'pamac this last week. i did some baptismal interviews. it is gorgeous up there. i would live there. its nice and cold with huge mountains. i went with elder gutierres and elder espana and my companion went to sacsuha and did some interviews there. elder goodwin and elder mortenson are up there too. there is a huge nickel .HERE. mining operation going on right now so the church attendance has gone down a ton. as for the open house and dedication, it changed. it wont be happening until the 23rd ish. the good news is that president clark will be wanting to do it. the area president. so that will be cool. we have alot of work still. president torres should be going up there on thursday to review the church to see if it is up to par. this branch in teleman is struggling. we are working with them though.

we are working with a family called leonardo and gloria. he went on a mission! he has become a great friend of ours. he is the one we painted the truck with. he offered us a fishing trip on a pday too. :) we'll see haha. they are an awesome family and now have goals for a temple marriage.

so on monday after moving ricardo's house we left for coban at 12 in the afternoon. we got a free ride the whole way there which saved us 35 quetzales. the guy was super nice and even let us ride in the cab.its been a while since i've done that.

so i'm a little under the weather right now.probably because of something i ate. so, go up to where it says .HERE. cuz thats where i had to go find a bathroom haha. no worries. nothing serious. if it was i would be sure to tell sister torres.

so what is hunting season looking like? and what am i gonna do for two jobs and weight lifting when i get home?

i'm working on pictures. its hard. i'm always traveling and when i do have my camera to send pics the internet is too slow. what is up with kacy? the meeting with president is tomorrow. well see what plans he has for the mission. i love and miss you one and all.


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