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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 72: Chulac, Christ & Church

hi you people!

this last week was busy.

you already know about zone conference and everything. after that, elder burden and i ran around doing errands for everyone. they are finishing up a huge new church building in chulac. it is enormous and even has padded seats like and american building. so elder burden and i spent hours preparing invitations for the open house and scheduling stuff to do. it was fun. we made a cool invitation for it. we made both qeqchi and spanish. we printed out a thousand of them.
supposedly 90% of chulac is LDS. thats a lot. we only have 10% to go. this open house will be huge! it will be a lot of work but it will be worth it. hopefully lots of people will be able to go.

we didnt get the fecha or baptismal date set with that family. we can never find the people. the good thing is the dad went to a baptism on saturday that elder Lusty and elder Hexem had (from c'anlun). so he was able to see what, where, and how a baptism is done. thats their biggest doubt. they want to know why they need to get baptized and what purpose it serves. i love them. they are funny people. funny things just tend to happen there. we found out he can read. we asked him five times if he knew how to read. each time his answer was no. they didnt know how to pray so we made a huge poster that has the steps to prayer. well we took it to there house and ricardo (richard) starts reading it out loud. it was hilarious cuz he says he doesnt know how to read. they have had it rough. right now they dont really have anywhere to live. they are living with their adult son. (they are in their fifties). from what he told us, which wasnt very clear, they got ran out of their last house. he was shot twice also. qeqchis can be really crazy sometimes. for the most part they live in peace. well he doesnt know why they shot him. and thats all he told us.

we painted a car this last week with a less active guy as service. that was awesome. i would like to do that as a hobby. its a whole new canvas. i would send pictures but cant. it would be a fun thing to do though. custom paint jobs. how is my car by the way? does it even run? how much would it be to fix it?

our branch president is a great guy. he has tons of referalls for us. he tends to find families too. and he teaches well. he reminds me of grandmama kinda. with his glasses.

i cant believe three languages come out of my mouth. it is sooo weird. i am very grateful. :)

we have a guy that lives below us and he keeps asking us to change his life. he knows a ton about the church. he just needs a little push. he is also a school teacher.

so today we all went to chulac as a zone. took some pictures, made hot dogs on tortillas with guacamole and onions, ate tangerines and came back. there are tons of tangerines up there. supposedly they have a contract with walmart. so in super walmart buy some tangerines and see if they are from guatemala. i know the bananas are at least. and thats the picture im trying to attach. i dont know if it will work. the email is incredibly slow right now. it is the zone with chulac in the background. i will get more pictures soon. i will be going up there this week on a division. they will be having some baptisms.

where is aunt kacy moving to?

im excited to hear about hunting plans. please shoot me a biggie. and we can all shoot some next year...together :) i miss hunting so bad. not that it would send me home but i miss the mountains and being in them with people i love. being in chulac reminds me of all the time i've spent in amazing places. i cant wait :)

look up the band manĂ . they are a great band. it is all in spanish. but its great.

i would love the oregon coast! and deep sea fishing. mmmmm. im pretty sure i will like fish now. ill eat anything. maybe.

i'm sorry to hear about our little friend. he is sure a rambunxious kid. tons of energy. and smart! he is in my prayers. as well as his family. let his family know i am impressed by them and their faith. they sure have helped me be better. they have been examples to me and i miss them.

i miss you all and am so grateful to have you as a family. an eternal one. there is nothing greater than that promise. thank you for making that decision a long time ago. i love you all.

this church is the only true church on the face of this earth. it is established upon all the basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. it has everything we need. we just need to grasp it. learn it, use it, and be it. there is no other church.
Jesus Christ is our saviour. there is no other. he paid the price now we have to approve the payment. lets do what he asks of us. i love Him.


ps the picture is not working. next time when i get to el estor i will send lots of pichas.
and bailey you are so cute. you look like an elf from lord of the rings. they are considered the most beautiful people around. (hahaha that was so geeky. haha.) looks like with these dang sisters im going to have my hands full beating up boys!
and i have no idea what i want to do with my life after the mission. what education will i pursue? hmm.

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Leslie said...

Yay for a new letter!! I have missed Tayler's emails. It's so fun when he talks about his family and home I can picture you all, especially cute little Bailey. It sounds like he is living in the best area of the whole mission!! The church is exploding down there in Chulac. So cool! I will watch for those bananas and tangerines in Walmart next time!