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Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 75: Changes & Friends in the 'Chic'

well hello my junkab'lal. how are you peoples? that is qeqchi for family by the way.

well this last week was super interesting. first my companion is a companion that i have had before. weird huh? it is elder vasquez! i was with him in Santo Domingo. remember? he has not been ZL before. this is his first change doing it. he is good.

it shall be fun this change with him. and yes the change of elder burden came as a surprise. we thought we would be together at least another change. he had been in the 'chic' a long time though. he came in with me. i'm thinking i am next. we'll see though.

this last week was pretty eventful.

first. i heard that president falabela who is in the first quorumn of the seventy had nice things to say about the missionaries in our mission. that was nice. :)

second, changes were crazy. my companion left on tuesday for coban. so i stayed with elder gonsalez and elder howard in teleman while waiting to hear who our companions would be on wednesday. well we finally heard thursday in the morning that a lot would be coming in from the capital. my companion came in from the capital and didnt come in until thursday. so i had to take care of all the organization of the changes by myself. it was pretty hectic. my companion left coban in a trio and when they were leaving one of the missionaries said he forgot stuff so he got off the bus. the other missionaries (including those going to senahu) were coming an hour behind. and those that had left stuff got on that bus too. it was super unorganized but it all got taken care of. sometimes being so far away from everything involves traveling alone though. lots of missionaries have had to do it so no worries.

elder turek, elder smith and elder schone came into the 'chic.'

elder smith is in santo domingo with elder howard. they already set a baptismal date with someone! i have no idea who it is though. they will be doing well there. i'll make sure to get a picture with elder smith! :)

third, while elder howard, elder gonzales and i were in teleman waiting for transfers, someone broke into the missionaries house in sacsuha'. so we had to go there and take care of that as zl's also and talk with the owner about fixing the house to make it more secure. elder gonsalez was pretty bummed but he is better now. its still safer here than the capital though. he is companions with elder turek.

i don't really know why the adams apple is called an adams apple but it is funny to hear qeqchis explain why. they think that adam saw that eve partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and he started to. but he only swallowed it halfway and that is why we have adams apples. hahaha. :)

we went to canlun this last week with elder hexem and elder lusty to do some baptismal interviews. that was cool. i got to know canlun. we have to cross it in a canoe. that is what the picture is. and a tree. and a huge beetle we found today in el estor.

we are in el estor again today. came to give the invitations to the missionaries for the open house. its all going as planned. it is going to be pretty huge. elder clark from the second quorumn of the seventy is coming. (also the area president).
they say that elder packer had a lot to do with the new church there. he has come here to the polochic valley and especially went to chulac. and now they have a huge district center that holds around 400 - 500 people. it is amazing and i will send a picture of that too.

i will be sending a memory card soon. i got a little mini SD so it will send better in the mail. they make you send a package if you have anything hard in your letter.

did you guys get a ticket for driving in that lane? or did you just get a warning? dont go dyin on me while i'm an the mission danget. that wouldn't be cool.

i attached the invitations.

ricardo and elena come to church every sunday. they came again. he told us he wants to "give his heart to the faith." so we'll see if he can. he still has to learn a lot.

some lady had me translate a chicken song about baby chicks to english and twinkle twinkly little star. who knows what she is using that for. she is old. like 20 or so and surely getting her masters. you'd think they would have her translate songs like that when she's in 3rd grade or something. the education system here needs work.

did you get a bull tag and go back to shoot those things?

dont ever complain or say you dont want to go to church. suck it up. just remember how hard our Savior had it. he didnt give up. he did what his Father needed Him to do.

i love and miss you all!!!!

till next week, hasta la próxima semana, toj sa' li xaman jun.


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