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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 68: Teleman and a New Assignment

well heeelllloooo!

if you found christopher colombus in the BOM look for hebrew references in all the footnotes. there are a bunch. i also learned this last week that Joseph Smith learned hebrew.

i would love archeology. whenever i see or read something about mayans it seems to just soak into my brain. qeqchi doesnt do that though. it's work.

the picture i am trying to send is of se'amay. elder fadel and i hiked up a huge mountain and got some good pictures yesterday looking for some investigators.

well it sounds like i'm going to Teleman with Elder Burden. i will be Zone Leader down there. i'm going to miss senahu tons. the weather is perfect here. i love it. it is so relaxed here. elder fadel also has a change to coban. so the elders coming into se'amay will both be new. that would be so tough to come into an unknown area like that.

well in se'amay i'm in a super nice house with a bedroom, a study room, a bathroom with a shower nozzle water heater, a dining room type thing and a kitchen. i'll take some pictures. i gotta pack tonight though.

How did it go with investigators this week?
good. she seems to have overcome her doubts as well. she even went to the relief society session. we were down in our area working and we suddenly felt we needed to go tell her about the conference. so we got a tuktuk and went and got her. she works in a comedor feeding people with her helper friend. its usually just them two. well we went up there and found her daughter was in the comedor with them and was able to take over so her mom could go to the conference. it was cool. kristina knew she had work to do but we told her the prophet would be speaking and she just said "yo'keb" or "lets go." so we took and dropped her off. she seemed to have liked it a lot.

How was conference and please give us details?
it was good. we learned a ton. we watched a lot of "The District." its real missionaries in real situations that get filmed. it is way cool to watch and we learned a lot. basically it was a zone conference but just for the leaders. we talked about personal revelation on behalf of investigators and how to teach more effectively.

How did you get through the tropical storm? Did it give you lots of trouble? Did you have mudslides?
here in senahu nothing happened. it rained all of one night and most of the next day. the road down to polochic had some mudslides but nothing super serious. it was really mild here. maybe its the mountian cover i dont know. there wasnt even that bad of lightning. saw a cool cloud that looked "funnely" but was nothing.

When were your baptisms scheduled for?
Kristina for the 9th and William for the 23.

Can you have someone in the office look for your package?
i will be going there in about a week so i'll take a look. every month i will be going to the capital for meetings with the president now. so i'll be able to get a suit and my mail. finally.

Have you heard from anyone this week? G&G Larsen, Megan, etc.
i heard from megan. G&G Larsen not this week. last week i did though. and nick croissant!

Are you emailing Brenton? How is he doing?
can you get his email for me again?

Did you know Keiffer will be home in November? Wierd, huh?

that is way weird then how much longer after that will i be home?

this last week was good. i went on divisions with elder Gochiz. elder fadel and elder zepeda went up to seritquiche. i stayed around senahu and worked. it was a good division. someone brought us pizza from Coban and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

it was a good week. we have lots of people interested in hearing a prophets voice so we will be capitalizing on that.

i am so excited for conference. not being to the temple in a while makes me at least crave conference. i cant wait. it will be weird this conference, i will be in sacsuha to see it. i will see all the santo domingo-ites again. it will be cool though. i just need to get them some pictures. they are all asking.

how much are the suits that are on sale? the brand i have is Billy London. i love it and it fits me very well. super comfy too.

i dont want to be ZL. lots of responsibility. we'll see if elder legua and or elder schone come back this change. there are lots of places opening up. i sure hope they do.

i love you all and miss each and every one. dont worry about the storms. thats one thing i like about the mountains. they are protective. im gonna miss senahu. :) teleman is hot! :/

did the homeowners association approve the kitchen?

thank you for the temple pictures :) and can you start sending pictures of the family weekly or of the house or town. idk something interesting.

love you all,


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