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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 65: Comedor, Kisses & Butter from Coban

hello my family!!

well, mom, speaking of your coworkers i read something interesting this morning. the people we work, talk and walk with arent just mortal beings, they have the potential to be gods. every single one of them. that was a mind opener for me.

How are you this week? Happy?
yessums. very.

How is your companion this week?
he is good too.

How are the people in your branch/wards?
great. progressing. we had a bunch of people who have been inactive come to church yesterday.

Do you ever have activities with the ward members?
i havent been here for one. what type of activities though?

Do you need any mac n' cheese, mashed tatoes, etc?
no but i dont know if you remembered my flashlight, i have people down here that would like some. i bought it at riteaid for 15 bucks. they said they will pay for them. you can take money out of my account. and how much did those people offer for my car? i may think about it. the only thing is what will i do when i get back?

2 flashlights is what they want.

Who are you working with now? Any more baptisms scheduled?
yes. we have maria luisa's mom and mother in law of sara scheduled for the 9 of october. she is awesome.

we have a nother baptism for the 23rd of october. a kid of 17 that wants to even go on a mission. we found him this last week and even set the baptismal date in the first lesson. he came to church yesterday too.

How did it go with Kristina this week?
good. she didnt get to make it to church. she went to go drop off sara at the bus and she didnt make it in time for church. that household was pretty sad this week with sara going back home an all. i guess she left yesterday at like 2 in the morning.

Do you know your family loves you so much??
yeps :) i love them too.

well i was thinking yesterday. i feel like taking the sacrament while fasting is more filling than eating a meal. not physically, persay, but spiritually. concentrate on the feeling next month. it is noticeable.

so ricardo- the guy whose son was coming to church and came last week, say they will be joining the church! the members have to tell us that i guess cuz we can NEVER find them at home. we go all the time but the dad is never there. family is the focus. but they have some great friends that are members. so now we are taking them to visit with us. they get along great and its positive they will enter the waters of baptism. i just dont exactly know when.its gonna happen though.

we found some new investigators this last week. they are very receptive.
we made our own chicken soup this last week.

there were a lot of people here from Coban last week haha. including girls. and they wouldnt leave us alone. we went in to eat in a comedor (little cafateria) and the second elder fadel and i walked in they started making noises and almost cheering. so we went and hid in the kitchen and ended up eating there. they asked the lady working why we didnt go sit out there. and they even blew elder fadel a kiss! the lady working (who is a member) said they were on us like flies on a cake. haha. it was a funny experience. people are always taking pictures of elder fadel too. it cracks me up.

so i realized the other day just how mayan these people are. these are the mayans. there is a place here called trece aquas or oxlaju ha. its a mayan archeological site i guess world famous and recognized by national geographic. and its just down the road. and you guys should go online and order the mayan special edition of national geographic or something. it is very cool.

i remembered also this last week what they say in the Road to Eldorado. the place of hell for the mayans was called "xibalba" or "place of fear." well here it is called "xbalba." to me that is not a difference at all. how cool is that. i'm gonna know that language when i get home.

elder zepeda brought me butter from coban this last week. there is nothing better than butter! it really makes all the difference and elder fadel agrees with me on the subject.

there was a huge "gringo" in church yesterday. his name was "canche" which means blondie. i guess he served here a couple years ago. the guy is way tall and knows qeqchi very well. i guess he is building a house here and will be living here now. its weird but it would be way cool. what an adventure. i dont know if he is married though.

elder fadel and i were thinking the other day. all the churches here are just loud mariachi bands. what if salvation were as easy as going to a rock concert? what if it was as easy as listening to a screaming pastor? what would we be on this earth for? what a sad existence we would have.

unfortunately that is reality for the people here. satan is dilluting the doctrinal essence so entirely that people dont even know how to pray anymore. he makes them think that salvation is only a step away. that it isnt hard. and includes just going to listen. that dude ticks me off. that satan guy.

so what are the plans for hunting this year? any? and elder fadel wants to go rock climbing and hunting and "mountaining" when we get back.

and yes there has been a lot of rain. this last week i finally slipped on my big rubber rain boots. i have a blister but i like it haha. nothing bad has happened here. the waterfalls have only gotten bigger :)

how was granite lake?

and ben ziemann and nick croissant wrote me. they are doing great! thanks for writing!

my stomach is good mommy.

and we only had two baptisms that counted for us. the other one was already a member.

and i may have to look into being some kind of doctor or a PA like you said. i dont know. we'll have to see. i have no idea what i wanna do with my life. :)

i miss and love you all!!!

elder tay

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