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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 64: Three baptisms!

Well hello family!! glad to hear the first week of school went ok. sorry about zack. incompetence is terrible. :) dont worry though. its over now.

this last week was good!

saturday we had three baptisms! two converts and a little eight year old boy got baptized too. he wanted me to baptize him so i did. in the picture...if it sends, sara is the woman, milton is the taller one in white and the other little boy is danny. the other picture-believe it or not is the baptismal font. we made sure to tell everyone that dirty is ok, in fact the river jordan is way dirty. and that coming out they will actually be cleaner than going in. they seemed to appreciate that fact.

last week i mentioned maria. she is a recent convert and is assisted in the conversion of sara and is assisting with her mother's at the moment. she is an amazing young convert (kelsey's age) and is very faithful. her mother now has a baptismal date for october. she is an amazing investigator and progressing very rapidly. she came to church for the second time yesterday but for some reason doesnt want to get baptized until she has gone 7 times to church. just as long as she understands why she needs to get baptized. last night her question for us was "what do i have to do to see my baby again?" her baby that died only lived 8 hours. she understood it though. she was able to grasp the five gospel steps very quickly. she has an extensive knowledge of the scriptures but now she says that she is finally understanding that the bible is a pattern of what we need to do and what we need to look for. its a volume of scripture to outline the true gospel of Jesus Christ. she is very smart. her baptismal date is for october 9.

we had a couple people come to the baptism. we have been finding lots of families to work with. which is good cuz thats God's focus.

this week was really quite slow. we had some lessons but yesterday there was a huge party here and nobody was home. they were all out watching soccer and going to a huge dance. so we didnt get many lessons in. also this last week the people were all out working an a huge project the church is sponsoring. we talked with alot of people about the work the church is doing.

in my personal study this last week i came across the question of what exactly is the atonement. it is a great subject to study. i think we should all study it :)

haha i wish i could have whip cream fights on my mission! tell the missionaries they are lucky to have a family like you. in fact whip cream doesnt even exist here in the polochik.

sounds like all is well back home. keep me updated on all the details! oh-and we had lots of people at the baptism. they overflowed out in the hall even.

sorry this email looks short. but this last week was way slow except for the baptisms. but it was a happy week!

i love and miss you one and all!


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