"Be strong and of a good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee." Joshua 1:9

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 61: The Church is TRUE!

well hello my familia! que tal estan? ma sa leech'ool?

sa linch'ool arin seamay. yooko chi kanjelak chi kaw.

(im good and we're working hard)

What adventures did you have this week?
not much really. just zone conference but you already know about that. we had a great experience with our baptismal candidate sara. we started off the week thinking that she was leaving. her circumstances are very difficult right now. no money, a three year old boy that has no discipline due to a lack of a father, and a newborn baby. well she has been thinking of moving back to chiquimula, way down south. that is where she is from. we have usually been visiting her in the evenings on mondays and throughout the week but on friday we had planned her for right after lunch. what we didnt know is that she had plans to move( at this time) and that she was praying that we could come see her before she left. the next day after lunch we showed up and she just started crying. she told us that she just felt overwhelmed to even think about leaving without saying goodbye to us, and so, she prayed us there. what really got me was the response her recent convert sister in law told her. "they'll come" is all she said. and we did. well a couple landslides kept her from making the trip. she was still delayed on sunday and so she came to church. she doesnt understand any qeqchi. but yesterday we went with her in the evening and had a very good lesson with a couple young men preparing for the mission who had accompanied us throughout the day. well again at this lesson she changed her mind about moving. she told us that she has been in depths of sadness and this gospel has brought her light. saying that we are angels sent by God. saying this gospel was an answer to all her prayers. her mother in law (non member) and her...grandpa in law? (inactive) were there too. we talked to them about the church and i went to say the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church but sara beat me to it. i only got to say " the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is...." and she butted in and said "true!" it was awesome. she will be getting baptized as soon as possible. she has to come to church one more time and then she can get baptized. so well see how quickly we can get it done!

sorry about how sporadic that story was haha.

Any baptisms scheduled? Weddings?
we have four baptismal "fechas" or dates. one for ASAP, one for the 28th and two for september 18th. the two for september 18th have to get married first though.

How are your investigators progressing?

Would you like me to put the $100 in your account for your suit? How would you order it when you are in the Polochic? Isn't it custom fitted?
we'll wait on that. you can go ahead and transfer a 100 from my savings account so when i get to an ATM and figure out how to get it i can take the money out.

I know this is random...do they have pianos in the chapels there?
yes but nothing like a baby grand. i want to be able to make music so bad. elder fadel is very talented on guitars and the piano. i love creating things out of nothing and i feel like music would be an awesome way to do it. imma have to learn guitar and piano when i get back for sure. how is lindsey doing anyway with that gift of hers?

Who are your ZL's?
Elder Gochiz and Elder Zepeda

Did you get the package we sent with your white BYU hat yet?
no. how long ago did you send it?

Favorite part of this last week?
definitely the experience with sara.

Favorite thing about your companion?
he's a goofball. we have a blast. the kid is hilarious!

Tell us your typical daily schedule?
wake up at six thirty. excercise eat shower. from 8-9 personal study. 9-10 companionship study. 10-11 is language study. we go work for two hours then come back for an hour lunch at 1. then at two we leave again and we get back home around 8ish. then plan, eat, shower again maybe and go to bed. We work very hard!

Do you know how proud we are of you? That we love you so much?


so we took these two goof kids out teaching with us yesterday afternoon. they are absolutely hilarious. one of them asks all the time, "you know what?" in response to our "what" he says "im dying of hunger" or "im thirsty" or yesterday after a thorny plant scratched his arm all up and it started swelling he says "you know what?"..."my arm hurts, i cant deal with it anymore." the kid is absolutely hilarious and elder fadel and i are always laughing at him. his name is Carlos. here they call him Calich. which is the nickname for carlos.

this week was great and hoping for another great week ahead. we get transfers next sunday night and they will be starting to transfer us on wednesdays. so this could be my last week with mister fadel.

i miss and love every one of you. dont be afraid of school. theres nothing to be afraid of! i did it too.



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