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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 60: Sara, Sacsuha & Conference

well hey yooz people (susan mcdonald included)!

well this last week was pretty eventful. i forgot my agenda with all my notes on it in the house but i will try and sum it up.

well first off we were able to get two members to leave with us to visit on tuesday and wednesday. first we went with a returned missionary to a place called La Laguna Seca. he helped us a bunch. we got lots of new investigators there. it is closer than sepacuite and setz'imaaj so much more likely to progress.

the next day we went up to sepacuite with a member who is preparing to go on a mission. the kid is hilarious and incredibly off the wall. he is crazy with us but then when he needs to talk in lessons he gets scared. so he ended up not saying anything at all. it was worth it though. we enjoyed the time with him and he learned alot.

one of our soon to be baptisms shared her testimony with us this last week. it was all about the Book Of Mormon. she told us that when she is having a hard time she just turns to the BOM and it takes all the pain away. she already has the whole thing marked up. i dont know if i have explained the situation with her but she is a single mom with two young children. her husband just recently left her and lives in senahu with some other woman. she is having an incredibly rough time. she told us that the book of mormon is so clear to her. she says that everything in the book just touches her to the core. she has an amazing testimony on faith also. she even came to a pure qeqchi branch this last week and said she loved it. she dont know no dang lick of qeqchi.

her sister in law is a recent convert and also an amazing convert. shes only sixteen but when pastors talk to her about the church she owns them. she is the one fueling sara's (thats the baptism and single mom) spiritual fire right now. apparently they just sit down together at night and just study the scriptures. it is amazing to see their progress. last night we went to their house again and the same thing happened. we ended up talking for about an hour and a half. the sister in law told us her conversion story and even said that her mom, who is a die hard evangelist in another church said that after never seeing a LD saint judge or fight or talk bad about someone that this must truly be the true church. we'll be talking to her soon :)

so we had conference yesterday down in sacsuha. it was awesome! (Tayler had some spiritual things about Conference that he wished to keep private-they have been edited out, sorry.)

but as we were coming back up to senahu i was getting out of the micro bus and the dang helper guy shut the door on me and my suit pants caught on the door latch and tore wide open. that ticked me off a lot. the guy didnt even say anything after. so im gonna have to figure out how to fix those seeing as i dont really have anything else. maybe sometime ill get a new suit. apparently in the cap there is a guy that tailors suits for 100 bucks. fabric you want, two pairs of pants, a vest and a suit coat. i dont know its just an idea. they are way nice suits. elder goodwin got one.

we had an amazing change of heart in one of our investigators this last week. two or three weeks ago we had an ok lesson with him. he was the one with the son that came to church that i mentioned. the last lesson we had with them he seemed hard hearted and would contradict the scriptures we would use. our departing words to him that night were dont close your heart (in qeqchi its softer. a conjugation of a desired action is used instead of a command). so we went back with him this last week. we were exhausted and not sure if we even wanted to go visit but elder fadel insisted. he was almost waiting for us. he welcomed us in and starting saying that he had tons of questions. these are his three questions. Who is a prophet and how do they become a prophet, is the nazarene church good and should i be in it, and what is the complete history of the Church of Jesus Christ. we didnt have time to finish answering his questions. he accepted a book of mormon though and im sure he will be reading it. we had to leave without answering his third question. which is perfect as that is a large subject-we'll be going back! but then he invited us to a graduation thing he was in. he had been training to be a traffic cop here in senahu. so we went to his graduation. it was cool. he wanted pictures and knew that we have cameras, but he still invited us and welcomed us when we got there. it was way cool to see his change.

this last week, the little boy who is getting baptized didnt come to church. he usually comes every sunday. we will be visiting him tonight to see what happeneed.

this last week we also set a wedding date and a baptismal date with a man and his wife. they have had some troubles lately and we walked in on them right on time. they lost their new born baby a few weeks ago. the Lord has his arms outstretched.

thats scary about kels. what the heck was it? what has she been eating? is she using pollen soap? acid soap? just wondering. hope she is improving though.


How are your investigators this week? great

Did you make progress? yepumms

Did anyone come to church? a couple people. we also had a man that has been inactive come to church. he hasnt come to church in about 15 years. this last sunday he and his son showed up. this last week we told him that he is the head of the family and has to set the example. he knows the church is true. he will also be a great friend when i leave this area.

How about the little boy that was coming? Any progress with his family? not sure but i think i answered this one

Did you have any adventures this week you'd like to tell us about? nope. just that i pet a mink though. no wonder they are harvested for their fur haha. it was at the motel in la tinta, where we stayed for conference. it was tied up right next to the monkey.

How is your companion? hes good. knows qeqchi already which is very impressive.

How is the area as a whole? progressing. i'm not sure about sepacuite and setz'imaaj though. they are pretty hard hearted.

Do you like it? (New Area) no i love it

Do you know we love you?? do you know that i love you?

love you all, les quiero, nekexinra.

elder tay

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RaShel Ferrin said...

He looks great and sounds like he is doing so well!! I love seeing pictures of your cute son and you have done a great job with the blog. Take care and love ya, RaShel