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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 45: Wedding, Baptisms and My Birthday!

weeeelllllll hi. :)

Details on the wedding/baptism? Everything go ok?

everything went perfect. we were all looking forward to it and at the last minute the branch president had to go to coban. we had given his name to the alcalde or mayor type guy as a witness to the wedding. and when the branch president left we had a little scare and thought it wasnt going to work out. well turns out the two guys who came to do the weddings were both members and we were able to do it. my companion and i just had to sign as witnesses. it was a cool experience cuz when we got there the whole town of actela was basically there and to start the meeting the two guys welcomed us and recognized our presence. it was cool cuz these people look up to mayors and governmental authorities a lot, and when they welcome the missionaries there is obviously something the missionaries have to offer. so well see if the respect level goes up in actela. the wedding was on friday. saturday were the baptisms. it was very cool and they both wanted me to baptize them.

What's with the ties lately? Where did all your other ties go? Do you need more?

nothings up with ties. i dont need more. i was just saying cuz i asked for a couple ties a long time ago. so i was saying if you were going to send me ties to send me paisleys and ugly. they are trading power with other missionaries haha!

We love the picture of you and other missionaries next to the water...with you in a superman pose. Anything you'd like to add to a caption underneath this picture?

not really. whatever you guys want. it was lake izabel in el estor if that helps. haha.

Did you travel anywhere this week to do any teaching?

not really. we just stayed in the area pretty close. i did do a division with an elder lusty from utah. hes way cool and we are really good friends now. i went to tucuru with him so elder tzunux could interview our baptizees.

How are things with the dad and son in law? Still coming to church?

hmmmm, not sure who youre talking about. im assuming the old man that reactivated. yes they are coming to church. the son in law is the one that got baptized on saturday!

How do you feel about the Kekchi now that you are speaking it all the time?

its cool. its coming quicker and quicker.

Did you share your food with Elder Goodwin from your package?

haha no. i offered him some though-for going to get it-but he declined nicely. hes the man. and a great dang friend.

Are you able to send snail mail letters still? Cause we haven't gotten any. Hint hint.

ya im working on one. with a memory card. sorry. it is way hard. and this coban trip fell right at the end of the month when we dont have money. so i may borrow money from my personal account then redeposit it out of my mission account after.

Do you know where your dad and I were 20 years ago today and how grateful we are to have you in our lives? :)

haha i remember it very well.

Do you know what time we are supposed to call on Mothers day? What is the phone number again?

i will figure that out and let you know. have you bought a calling card?

How are your pants holding up? Socks? Garments?

all good to go. like taco bell.

well i had my interview with president this last week. which was good. he congratulated me for the baptisms and the good work. we were more than two hours late because of the weddings and he joked around with me about it and said he didnt know why everyone had to be there at the same time. he said he would rather have me doing that than anything else. after all it is why i am here.
so in my interview he started talking about the date i entered and when i leave then paused and said..."your in elder jensens group huh?" so that is why i think elder jensen is going to be assistant. he also told me how great my group is. :)

elder legua had a tough week this last week. i guess his uncle died. i finally got a hold of him over the phone. still the best friend in the mission. elder schone got a hold of me too. hes doing good. wants to be in the "chic" still though. elder jensen is doing fine too. i talked to him also.

we taught a lot this last week. lots of lessons. and lots of new investigators. we found a family whos family are all members. they were very receptive and listened and understood everything. which makes them very good investigators cuz they understood my qeqchi! we didnt see ramiro this last week. he works alot. i would say hes our next baptismal possibility. so we are working hard with him. he says he knows joseph smith was a prophet and is reading the book of mormon.

people here are very strange. they believe almost anythng they are told but are stubborn at the same time. strange combo. but they believe in the book of mormon. heck some churches even preach from it. they also know joseph smith was a prophet-but because of responsibilities in other churches they "cant leave." whatever.

we also taught a lesson this last week on the sabbath day. the adventists say people worship on sunday because of ancient paagan sun worship. hence the name sunday. but i like to hear "sonday" when i say the name of that day. it is the lords day (says in the bible) and we should do all worship and remembering him on his day.....right?

so i havent got my packages yet. apparently they are in teleman and i wont get them until wednesday or thursday. they say there are like seven though. woohoo!

well hmmmmm.......thank you for all the birthday congrats :) wish i could be eating a nice delicioso cake right now.

i miss you one and all :) and love you too


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