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Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 44: I'm the Primary President!

Wow. week 44? are you sure? thats crazy. how many weeks are in two years? 104? hmmmm. freaky.

well anyways.

so i survived my first week as senior companion. haha.
it was pretty cool. we actually taught alot. im surprised how much i actually know. some things i actually dont remember learning. the spirit helps amucho.

well first thing we did this last week is have a meeting for the cleaning specifications of the church and the responsibilities of the leadership positions and general membership of the church. we were there of course. apparently im the primary president with elder parry as my first and second counselor! i dont remember getting that sustaining vote but....ok.

elder parry and i, our goal, is to fix this branch. the leadership is almost none-existent. we are going to have to establish an elders quorum and a relief society. good thing elder parry came. hes still fresh from the states and still remembers how church is really supposed to work.

so well be working on that.

how are ammon boswell, robert mann, and scott and christi phillips doing? dont know why they all came to my mind this last week.

well we taught a bunch this last week. it was hard. we had to see exactly where we are in both languages and our capacities. that was basically the majority of the week. our baptisms are going to happen this weekend! wooo. theyre getting married friday and baptized saturday. then next week on the 28th we have zone conference in coban.

my companion got a rash this last week and called sister torres. he mentioned our parasitical problems and she is bringing pills to the zone conference.
there is definitely something else going on down there haha. ill take the pills and see what happens. :) more diaharrea!
but other than that, im fine. im tired at night and in the morning and my appetite has been affected a little. not sure if i have lost weight though. i will see this next week in coban. i dont really feel like i have but maybe a little.

are you guys using my computer? cuz if you are please be careful. im going to need that after the mission and im not gonna have money to buy a new one. in the words of clint "just sayin".

my companion and i are doing great. elder parry cracks me up and we have a good time. i happily fall asleep each night listening to his street fighting stories and could have been wrestling dreams. fun fun fun for everyone. hahahaha a new elder is here. elder lusty. well my comp was talking to him today and saying that we lift weights all the time and that im a college football player. hahaha it cracked me up. first of all cuz im not. and there really is no second of all.

soooo thank you for sending packages. please stop worrying about me and get busy on things there. :) im here. i have what i need. please stop sending so many packages. i want you guys to save your monies.

im glad to hear that about lex. i have been praying for her...alot. i will continue. she sure needs help. like i have mentioned there is a little boy here who reminds me of gaby. the little boy here is awesome though. very faithful in church and a very good kid. doesnt yell. doesnt get mad. hes alot like how gaby was. i think about them.

well here we are. elder parry and i. im talking while hes laughing. thats how our lessons go basically. :)

i use sunscreen alot and am always carrying water. so no worries. i can take care of myself and not to mention an extremely cold shower every night. that wakes a guy up.

and no thats not too much for the lady. teach her everything. peacfully. take her to the christus for sure though. that, the tabernacle and the temple grounds. its a good idea :)

i love each and every one of you!!!


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Leslie said...

I think this is my favorite letter so far! Do I say that every time? Probably! So much hard work that he's doing. I can't believe that there is no elder's quorom or relief society leadership and that Tayler is the Primary president! ha ha! That's a first! Lucky kids though!!!! We take that all for granted here. Church just functions here, but how blessed the world is to have missionaries like Elder Larsen to help them. Tell him that his "Mom from Lehi" sends her love!