"Be strong and of a good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee." Joshua 1:9

Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 46: The Good Path & A Huge White Kid

(For those of you that don't know, we ask Tayler questions, then he answers them every week in his email. You'll see our question, then his answer.)

How was Zone Conference? What did you do in Coban?
it was good. elder falabela came and talked to us. he is in the first presidency of the seventy and way cool. he talked a lot about families. funny how that theme has come up a lot lately. hmmmm. we basically just hung out and ate GOOD junk food and then we all went and played pool. i won. haha.

Did you get sick after you ate your birthday pizza?
nope. its all good now. :)

Did you meet Elder Dave Mays?
take a look at the attachment!

Did you know Elder Snell is now up in that area? He will now be in Coban for P-Days!
i saw him too. as well as elder clark and elder ....shoot. i forgot his name. ill remember it. hes way cool and a great friend. they are all from my group though. do you still talk to elder snells mom?

Anything amazing happen this week?
i do have a good experience. my companion and i had just gotten done teaching lesson one to two new investigators. well one of them after the lesson looked at me and said "hermano Larsen, how do i know where the good path is? how do i find the truth? and why do all the churches want money?" i told him the prophets know the good path pretty well. and that the prophet will be on the right path. but more than anything ask of God.

his question hit me. hard. he took me, a huge white kid half bald, and put all of his trust in my hands and humbly asked me how to know.

it helped me realize just what my sacred commission is. i am here for him. im not here for me to learn. it will happen. but i am here to help them. and they are my brothers and sisters and more importantly my Father's children. his sincerity and his integrity-not to mention humility-touched my heart.

currently he is going to the adventist church. we will see if we can find him again. he wasnt there sunday for our appointment. i feel like he could progress though. now i just need to work on my qeqchi to make sure its enough to teach him the way.

Are you feeling better after taking the pills Hermana Torres gave you?
like im back home again! all good baby. i feel fine :) you actually sent me the same stuff. just with different directions for taking it. she didnt tell me the side effects though. i did get way tired on it but im fine now.

Do you know your mom loves you?

Do you think you will stay in Santo Domingo or change the next time?
to be honest im hoping for a change. i wrote the weekly letter to president and mentioned how ive been here for awhile. well see what happens.

DID YOU GET OUR PACKAGES? :) Find anything good? Who else did you get packages from?
yes i did. thank you so much. but please stop. i love them but i have enough here. well i got a package from megan and nana too. thank you so much though. you guys rock. and the shoes are soo comfortable. much better.

Where is Elder Goodwins area? Do you get to see him?
elder goodwin is in the office and no i didnt get to see him. supposedly he is here in the polochic today but i dont think i will be able to see him danget.

How is Elder Legua this week? Please tell him we are so sorry about his uncle. Are you still writing Beth?
yes we are still in contact.

Have you sent a memory card home?
next monday. i gotta transfer everything. its gonna happen for shizzle though :)

CALL DETAILS! Your mom is FREAKING OUT already. Yep, I said freaking.

well im thinking i may be calling this sunday. perhaps. i will see. ill call you before hand to make sure. where will everyone be? what is the best time? ill make sure to call you guys to set the time. now vorrees.

so right now its very hot. i mean very hot. i dont have a thermometer or id tell you. but its soo hot. i lose weight i think while im sleeping. alright im probably exxagerating (and i didnt spell that right). but still its way hot. haha we took our beds out of the room and put them in the sacrament room. thats the only place there are fans. i just threw my bed on the ground under the fan and didnt sleep with the blankets on. its dang hot. "freaking" hot. :)

when is this lexi girl gonna write me? i wanna talk to her. and hows aunt jodi doin?

well the pics slowed me down a lot. i love each and every one of you. i will talk to you on sunday. miss you!!!!



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