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Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 42: Conference & I Know My Redeemer Lives

Happy Easter to you too!!

Well first of all, dont worry about the little boy. Do they know how he died anyway? And I'm positive Grandmama and Grandpapa are helping him ├▒out and proud to say that Bay is their granddaughter.


What was your favorite part of Conference? (Don't say all of it, either!)

Well I liked the talk from Elder Uchtdorf about patience. It is very useful here right now especially with another language to learn. And remember how a couple weeks ago I told you guys to talk about why this church is true? Well thats what Robert D Hales talked about- "do our children know what we know?" and the Elder from the Seventy that started with the baseball story about being a great pitcher is someone I met in the temple here. And they showed the Guatemala temple!

Did you get to watch it in English?


Did you get to see all the sessions? Did you see the stuff between sessions?

Yes I saw them all but I went and hunted down food between sessions.

Where did you stay in Sacsuha? Where/what did you eat?

Yes in Sacsuha. Four missionaries on two mattresses. I didnt sleep very well. To eat we just bought food from tiendas or little stores and Sunday the sisters in my district brought us food.

Did the baptism/wedding happen this last week?

No not yet cuz of the conferences. But this week for sure :)

Any more work this week in Actela? Do you have specific people you are working with?

No not really. I mean we went there but we didnt really find anyone. We just invited people to conference. They didnt come but oh well. We'll see this next week. If we even have time to work. I'm going on a division with Elder Hardisty and have to teach in Qeqchi all on my lonesome and we wont get done until Wed. so well see. Cuz then another division with the ZL's for the baptismal interviews and then the baptisms.

Did you get a change yet? If not, when are changes?

Thursday I'll find out if I have a change. I feel I will.

When do you get to call on Mothers Day? Should I get a calling card again? How long do you have this time?

What do you mean when? And yeah you should probably get a calling card. Where do you get them anyway? And the same amount of time.

Well last pday after internet I met some jews in the street. That was interesting. They were from Isreal and knew like six languages. We talked for a while about what we do here and they told us we should go to Isreal and do the Jesus walk and stuff. Later they asked us if we knew where any Jews were and I told them we dont just look for Jews. They wanted to do a passover with some Guatemalans so thats why they were here.

Mmmmmm. Right now is the season of the mango. Mmmmm.

This last week we went to TUKURU. That's where Elder Hardisty is and we did an activity there. We just contacted everyone in the streets and invited them to watch the Joseph Smith movie. It was pretty cool.

The cicadas are out here. They are sooo annoying. I'm glad we dont have those things in Colorado.

This last week was Semana Santa in preparation for the Easter weekend. What they do is have processions that reenact the trials and experiences of Christ. Unfortunately I wasnt able to go to La Tinta to see it but on Friday in Actela the Catholics held a death procession where they carried a doll of Christ to the "sepulchre." It was interesting, and I dont know if they released them, but there were two white doves flying over the procession in a formation like wing above wing. Each being a wingman to the other and circling the procession. It was pretty cool.

So there is an Elder here named Elder Parry. His brother went to africa on his mission and was there during the civil war. Apparently one day a man burst in through the front door and held a shotgun up to his companions chest and pulled the trigger. The shotgun fired but it didnt do anything. It blew his companion back off his feet, opened his shirt and garments but he wasnt touched. He then stood up and told the man-if that doesnt prove to you that our church is true-nothing will. Pretty intense huh?

No worries, I'm safe.

So I'm thinking I'm getting a change this next week. I'm over due. We'll see haha.

I love you and miss all of you.

I loved the I know that my redeemer lives hymn. All the missionaries sang it together in english along with the choir and congregation. For the most part we sounded good haha. But "This is the Christ" was amazing too. And I had the same exact thought about the Angels in Heaven.

Miss you and love you!!!


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