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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 41: Actela & Tamales with Bones

Hi Family!

First the Questions....

Any more progress with Imelda and the paperwork?

Well they want to get married, so we got all the paperwork squared away we just gotta find the time and have the mayor from Senahu come and marry them. It also doesnt cost anything really I think. Maybe max like thirty quetz. The only thing is that they say they have to have a party and feed the whole mountainside. It should happen this next week. We'll see cuz of conference and everything. We have to travel to Sacsuha for conference.

New investigators this week? Did you teach and other discussions?

We always have lots of investigators and lots of lessons! This last week we have concentrated our efforts in Actela and surrounding areas. Tt is ready to explode. I feel we have lots of possibilities up there and it can progress alot. The church is also far away. And in Qeqchi it is difficult to tell them that someday a church could be established in Actela. They just have to show their faith first.

We also found inactive members that are going to the adventist church. We tried to explain how we do everything in Christ's name and that the day in which he was ressurected was Sunday and thats His day. We are working with them. What happened is we had visited a long time ago and had given a blessing to his little kid. A couple weeks later we were in a truck with him and he started telling all the people in the truck that we had given his son a blessing and after he was fine. And then he asked why we hadnt visited him again. He was baptized in 2004 and has lots of children that arent members.....yet :)

Where did you go this week?

Actela mostly

Where will you go to listen/watch Conference? Do you have to travel far?

Just to Sacsuha

Did you get your package yet? Was anything missing? How much did it cost?

Didnt cost anything and nothing was missing. They hadnt even opened it yet. Elder Goodwin went to customs and asked for it. Due to the sticker on it and how close we are to Easter they were afraid to open it. When they finally did open it (in front of Elder Goodwin) they had to start at the side and peel the sticker off. Apparently it was hilarious hahaha.

Is the weather changing down there? Are there different seasons?

Ya its changing. It's really hot right now. That's all really. In the winter it was really just rainy. Nothing much. Its really hot right now though. I'm finally putting on sunscreen for the first time in the whole mission.

Do you want to stay in your current area for this next change or go somewhere new?

pretty sure im going somewhere else. :)

How is your health? Nutrition? Body? Mind? Soul?

its all good :) thanks

Did you send another memory card yet? We want pics!! :)

Not yet. I'm waiting till I get the new ones :( Just in case. Sorry.

How do you feel about going up? You sound like you are feeling better about the language....do you?
(PS-we know you can do it!)

Alot of times I have to translate what my companion says so people understand so seeing as he's making it, I think I can.

How is your companionship? Are you doing well together and teaching well together?

We're doing great. We are great friends and can joke around very well. I'm having a blast. This is the companion I'll probably remember the most out of all of em. Menos Elder Legua.

How are things with the Branch President? Is he doing ok?

It's all good. He's doing good. I really do respect him. He is a great example and a very humble man.

Do you know you are loved, prayed for and missed?

Yes as well as you guys.

Well hey everyone! How are you?

First of all- that story really hit me hard. All I can think about is that my little sister is what brought peace to the little boys broken world. And I guarantee that he will ALWAYS remember that. No matter what. Be big bay. Be strong. I love you.

I'm crying.

In my birthday package I want a good hat of mine haha. Like my BYU hat or my baseball caps for service :) Some LA looks gel (yellow) and if you buy ties buy the paisley seventies type ties that are thick and good to wipe sweat off. Dont matter if theys ugly!

I drempt of home the other night. That was strange. Everything was normal like I was expected to be there but in my dream I only had the memories of the time I have in the mission. The whole dream I was saying to myself this isnt right I shouldnt be home yet. It was strange haha. And btw you guys had broken my phone.

Is it the hornbills that make the hanging nests? The black bird with bright yellow beek?

I miss your tamales mom. The tamales are good here but lots of times they have bones and crap. I dont like that. I like good tamales without surprises :)

I have a very perplexing question. Why is it that crickets are always missing one leg? Well the majority of them. Do they jump them off or what?

Well right now I'm in El Estor with my district. We just came to visit today. Its cool. It's a cool place. The lake is gorgeous. We took pictures today. I forgot to bring my camera but Elder Hardisty will foward me the pics probably next week.

I cant wait for General Conference!! Hopefully well find an english channel. I need a good refresher.

I miss and love each and every one of you. Love you dad, mom, Kels, Linds, Zack and Bailey Lizbeth.

time is up ...



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