"Be strong and of a good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee." Joshua 1:9

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 40: Amos & Matthew

Well hello people!

First of all I wanna say I had a craving for grandmas mint truffles yesterday. I miss those things cuz they are good.

Secondly I found a tree that smells exactly like red crème soda.

Third I want you guys, for family home evening, to talk about why exactly this is the true church. Using scriptures like Amos 3:7. Matthew 10:1. The kids need to know that. Its very important. Especially if somebody asks about our religion and if the rest of our family is falling into the clutches of the “dark side.” Isaiah has something to say about Jehovah and who he is. Plus I'm not sure many young people born under the covenant know exactly why they are members.

Well this morning we did a district activity in my area. All of our district came and we made half descent pupusas. They weren’t perfect but they were still way good. But that is why I am late writing you guys today. But earlier before the activity the church door was open and a chicken came in the church. Well it went straight to my bed (my companion had just left the shower and was in a towel trying to get it to leave but it didn’t want to) and pooped on it. Stupid chicken! I'm thinking I'll buy a slingshot for it today! Hopefully my aim is better than when I was five with my last slingshot experience. Sorry dad.

Every car here has bumperstickers. Every single one. And the majority talk about religion. Like one that says “God's slow sometimes but never forgets.” Or a favorite “gift from God.” Or they have stickers of Jesus Christ bleeding and suffering on the cross. But every single car truck and tuk tuk has stickers. Even stickers that say "cowboy". I don’t understand it but that’s how it is. They are very funny sometimes. Youll see when you come down here.

This last week was fine. We ran into a couple problems with the paperwork for Imelda and Alfonso. Imelda supposedly only is 13 years old but she was born in 1978. So we may need to fix that. Alfonsos “fiancé” was married before. Well he went up to Peten to work and got squished by a tractor. So we have to find the paper that says that he died so that she can get married again. But the paper that says that is in Peten so we had to send for it. It may take a while to get here.

Zone conference was fine. A few talks were good. We talked about improving our areas and the Atonement. I liked those topics.

Interview went fine. President talked like I was his son. We talked about how special the Polochic is and how great of an author James E Talmage is. That’s about it. It was very relaxed too. His main theme this conferences was that we could all be “fleches” which means arrows. That we could all be incredibly obedient. Straight as an arrow to be exact. Don’t worry- I'm obedient.

Well, nothing else has happened this week. Will keep you posted on the baptisms. Still working on it. But I miss and love each and every one of you. I ll see if I can upload pictures. The internet is slow today.

I love you!


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