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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 39: Tapiscaring Season & Mansions Above

Hey everyone!

So first of all this last week was long and short at the same time. It consisted of lots of service. It is the tapiscaring season-li hoonal re li qolok-or its time to gather corn. So we helped. It's tough stuff. Here's what we do: first we take the corn out of the wrapper and throw it into a pile in the middle of the field. After we get it all out we then load it into big bags and they haul it on their heads. These are the same bags it takes three of them to lift. They weigh at least a hundred pounds. Well I gave it a shot. They are very unstable and being tall doesnt help! It fell within twenty feet haha! Poured out half the corn all over the ground. The people here are made for hauling stuff like that though. It's weird. They are pretty strong peoples! But we did service Wednesday and Saturday.

When we went to Rio Dulce-forgot to tell you this-I saw where all the bananas you guys eat come from. They come from huge plantations with miles and miles of banana trees. I'll see if I can send a pic next week. I forgot my cord today. It was quite a sight though.

This last week we worked with Samuel, Imelda and the local government place thing here to see what we needed to do to get them married. Imelda still is excited and incredibly humble and simple. She deserves a place in a mansion above. The charity of this family and their struggles sure hits me. Everytime we go there they buy us a drink. Usually a soda in a can. I specify in a can because thats Samuels job. He collects cans and sells them so his buying us a can is his hope that we will drink the most expensive part and leave him some leftover to feed his family with the sale of the can. It's very hard to accept food or drinks sometimes. These people, alot of times, have absolutely nothing. A couple skirts. A shirt and a half and some corn. Thats it.

Miguel came to church again. He is now an active member. We are also working to get his son in law married and baptized as well. It's strange how one can see the innocence and humility produced by ignorance and a simple lifestyle. And for that I righteousely covet the people here. Amazing examples on how to live your life. Except for the treatment of women ;) Thats gotta change haha.

But when we were working with the RENAP or the place where everyone gets registered and takes out their registration papers the people working there moved us right to the front and gave us top priority. We are sure receiving lots of help here right now.

Well this week is zone conference again. We'll see how that goes.

Today we met as a zone and played volleyball and talked about our goals as a zone. Our goal is to go to Semuc Champey. If so we'd be going to the place that shows up the most on the internet when someone types in Guatemala. That's the place that's way green with the super clear water. That should be pretty cool.

Found out my package got stuck in customs. I gotta send Elder Goodwin my permission to get it for me. So I probably wont get it for another change or so. It will probably come just in time as do all blessings.

Other than that nothing else has happened. Waiting on the baptisms and still working hard. My companion jumped out of a truck and didnt stick the landing. Which was absolutely hilarious haha. I think he did it cuz there was a girl watching ;) ha ha I sure did laugh and he did too so we had a good time. I love and miss every one of you. Keep me posted on everything. And if you can get a hold of Kelsey Hert let her know I did get her letters.

Love you!!


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