"Be strong and of a good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee." Joshua 1:9

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 38: My Metzew is Cau


The Polochic is seriously a completely different place. Once you are here you never want to leave. Only until youre done with the mission. Then you wanna come visit. :)

Beth Legua, dad, says you rock for trying out at the PD. Apparently she wants to be a cop.

Bapa showing up with so many groceries sure hit me. Made my eyes water a little bit. I sure do love him. I was thinking about all the memories that HE created for us as little kids. I'll never forget going on Easter morning treasure hunts and seeing santas boot prints in the carpet. Including the time when he showed up to 205 11th with his santa suit on just for his grandchildren.

Today for Pday we went and looked for a cave here in La Tinta. Apparently the people here worship stuff like that and were doing a ritual there so we sat and watched it. It was very strange. It was like the guy was talking to the rock impression. And then they lit lots of candles then sprinkled honey I think on it and some other liquid then burned something. I was at a lack of details so I really have no idea what he did. That's just what I saw. But the cave wasn't really a cave just a depression in the rocks with nothing fun. Then we went back and thats where I took that picture where I'm on a rock.

This last week my companion was sick for two days. Apparently his head hurt pretty bad so I hooked him up with some pain killers haha. Don't worry it was all legal- just advil. Even though I complain about little things the bigger picture is what matters. I have honestly been friends with every one of my companions. Like good friends. People that I can actually say ARE my friends.

Maggie. Man that takes me straight back to the office on main street. And nanna spanking that dog with rolled up paper and me always wondering what that could possibly do if it doesnt hurt.

Speaking of hurt. I had a dream about Kelsie Hert. She has been writing me. If you have a way to contact her please apologize for my lack of responses. She's a good friend.

This last week I made toys for the little kids that live behind the church. I made little helicopters out of pop cans. They enjoyed it a ton! I just cut the can into a strip, folded it in half, taped a rock to it and folded the two "rotors" so it would spin as it fell. They were cool and the little kids enjoyed them. And no they didnt cut themselves. I cut the edges off.

Just so you know-everyone-dont ever say you cant. Unless you are physically unable. I dont wanna complain about anyone but just keep that in mind.

Yesterday, the old man I was telling you about (old man is cawachin in Qeqchi) bore his testimony in church. Qeqchis dont cry. But he did. It was very powerful and provided a great example for his young son in law. Who, btw, don't know if I already told you or not, has a baptismal date set for the 30 of this month. As for the other baptism-I have mixed feelings. She has to get married before she can be baptized which she wants to do. I'm all for helping them get all their paperwork done and everything. But yesterday, her husband came home drunk, hit her, and burned her corte, or her skirt which is very expensive. And she is a very special lady-very humble, very quiet, and idk....bashful maybe? It makes my heart ache to see someone who is doing the best she can to be a daughter of God be held back by somebody elses free agency. Her husband is a member by the way. We're going to have to teach a powerful lesson this next week.

The Qeqchis, when they harvest corn, put it in big bags that are probably four feet long. It takes three of them to lift one. But one of me. Haha- it's hilarious when I do it. They all freak out and say that my metzew is cau. That means they say I'm strong. It is funny.

Well internet is slow. I sent some pictures so thats why this message is a little short. The one with the waterfall is up in Actela. I was just finding a quiet place to study that was worthy of pictures.

Just so you know you guys are a peculiar people...

"It is peculiar to believe in and receive latter day revelation, to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to abstain from tea, coffee, tobacco, and liquor, to have visions, to pay one tenth of ones interest annually as tithing, to marry for eternity, to go on missions, to serve in the ministry without financial pay and so on through all the beliefs and practices of the true saints."

Bruce R. McKonkie. Mormon Doctrine. (Don't know if thats how you spell his name.)

I love you and miss you all. Hang in there.



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