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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 35: The Bomb, Peanut Butter and Actela

Weeeellllll Hidey Hoeee!


Did you get your package with your boots yet??!!
Nope. I wont until I have Zone Conference again. That's the only time we get packages-so probably not for another month or so.

Bay wants to know if you threw up again this week? (We'll have to de-worm you when you get home!!)
No I didnt throw up. I've only thrown up twice-the second time was cuz of too much excercise. It was the first day in a long time haha.

Can you get peanut butter? Where?
The closest place is Coban. I can't get it until I go there again. Maybe I'll save money and buy a huge tub of it. For now I gotta wait.

Do you still have the medicines you need or do you need any? (Advil, Tylenol, etc) We are planning a birthday package and need to know "need" items in addition to the fun things. :)
Mmmm well like what? What do you think I need?

Did you ever get the CD Nana sent? How about the Seminary Package Angelle sent? If you did, remember to send a quick thank you note through me-email is fine. It would be nice to pass along! How about the Young Womens care package?
Yes I did! Thank you so much! Those are very welcome packages! I got every one of them!! Please send my thanks to everyone.

How are your shoes/clothes/garments holding up?
All pretty well dont need anything yet.

Where do you want to go after Santo Domingo?
Anywhere really. I absolutely love the mountains so I hope somewhere with mountains. But hot water too. Maybe Senahu would be cool but I wanna stay close to chicr buds.(pronouned cheeker).

Could the "good cow" have caused the sickness this last week?
Nope. That just released lots of endorphins (haha) and btw you wont have to detoxinate me when I get back. Before we leave they give us a pill that, by the missionaries, is nicknamed "the bomb". That name pretty much explains itself. But apparently it kills everything including the person taking it for a few days.

How are the lessons feeling this week in Qeqchi? Better? It feels better when I pray about it. :)
Yes. In Actela (the town where we went-we didnt go to the other: Secuachil cuz we didnt have time) but in Actela we found two investigators that we taught in Spanish. They are very pilas as we say in Spanish-or very good investigators. We will see what happens with them. One is named Elias and the other is named Arturo Tut (pronounced toot) which leads me to my next topic. The other day I was teaching English and someone threw a fart (thats translated from Spanish). Well everyone started laughing. So in humor of the situation I gave them the verb translation for besar or to kiss-because kiss in Qeqchi is fart. They got a good laugh outta that one.

Do you know you are so special?
In a good way or a bad one?

Favorite scripture this week?
Jeremiah 33:3.

Well I gotta letter from Grandma Doman again. She is a very sweet old lady. I will reply next week to her.

My companion says my Spanish is perfect. I thought that was strange cuz I am very white. As seen in the photo of my tan line.

Well dont worry. Not much has happened this week. The language is progressing. I can express myself more or less but the conjugations are hard to handle. I'm working hard. And due to the pictures I'm sending it slowed the comp down alot. Just know that I love and miss each and everyone of you. I'm healthy and well and learning a ton! How is work going by the way? How's dads new job? Keep me posted. Say hi to Kacy for me.

Love you!

Elder Tay :)

PS. The waterfall is in Actela this last week. The bridge is Puente Viejo in La Tinta. The mountian one with the valley behind is in my area. And the moustaches are in my area too haha. Spanish-bigote. Qeqchi-mach.

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