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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 34: An Honest Mistake and Good Cow

Hi Family!

Questions First,

Did you do anything special this week?
People needed lots of blessings. We blessed a lady that was throwing up alot. Does that count?

Did you have a baptism? New investigators?
Neither. Majun. It's slow-but we have baptismal dates!
How was the lesson with the preacher guy?
He didnt show. :(

Did you go to any new cities or villages this last week?
Nope. But this week we are going to a place called Sacuachil. I think thats what its called. It's like three hours away and we've already been there once.

Have you spoken in church yet?
No way Jose.

How are things going with the Branch President? How did the pancakes turn out? Did they like them?
They turned out very well! Kinda surprised me as they were made over an open fire. We used our nonstick pan though which was pretty cool haha.

What would you say is the best part of serving a mission?
All of it!

If you had to give advice to the young men in our ward, what would it be?
Go on a mission or Elder Larsen will kick your butt.
Haha nah, take a language class in school and dont sleep in Seminary. Learning about the Gospel is one of the most precious experiences and bits of knowledge that anyone can take with them.

Was there a particular challenge this week that you would like to share?
Nothin really-It's all a challenge right now.

What was the best part of the week? The funniest part?
hahahahahahah, Well for the full account see Lindseys email. I jumped for that camera! The best part is that I grabbed it! Pure centerfielder. Also, my companion is a little crazy. He likes to mess around with the kids here and the other day he started yelling and chasing some kids with a bamboo stick to scare them and play with them. They were enjoying it too so it was all in good fun. But he just takes off after this kid and he gets like 75 yards away and on top of a hill and curve where on the other side the trail disappears. well he gets to the turn and just wipes out and goes tumbling off the side. It was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing so hard.

What has been on your mind the most this week that we can help with in our prayers?
Pablo. He told us members from another church came and visited him and now He's going to that church.

Do you remember every day we love you?
Yesm. And do you remember likewise?

Favorite scripture this week?
It's actually a quote from James E. Talmage. It goes like this, (talking about God):
"No mortal can approach Him while contemplating His perfections and might with aught but awe and reverence; regarding Him only as Creator and God, we are abashed in thought of Him, but he has given us the right to approach Him as His children and to call upon Him by the name of Father."

How is the language this week?
Tough. But it's getting there. My comp knows more words but I know more grammar rules and can actually pronounce the words. I probably wont be with him too much longer. Sometimes I say really dumb things. Like last week a woman was talking about her grandchild or something that died and me not understanding and only talking about how they said they had been sealed in the temple, I said chaabil. Which is like "good" or "cool". She kinda looked at me weird. But oh well. That happens and I dont know how to excuse myself. I just hope she has enough faith to understand it was an honest mistake. :/

Well not a very eventful week. Just the same old same old. We put a baptismal date with a woman named Imelda. Dont know how old she is but shes gonna get married the 30of March and thats when shell get baptized. Her husband is already a member. We just reactivated him.

The Qeqchis have books talking about the roles and responsibilities of the men and women. haha It was hilarious but I feel sorry for the people here. It says that when the man goes to town to work the woman has to stay home pregnant! My companion and I laughed about that one pretty good haha.

Well its way hot here right now. This week was good. I threw up once for some reason and had a diarrhea attack. hahaha But other than that, it was fine. I still have vitamins and am taking them. I need to figure out how to gain good muscle weight though. It's hard to find good things to eat here but we bought good cow meat the other day and the branch presidents wife cooked it for us. Yummy in the tummy!

That cracks me up about dad. What a beast! I wish I was there to see that hahaha. I cracked up and shared it with Elder Legua. haha. He laughed too.

I love you! And miss you all!


Elder Tay

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