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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Santo Domingo (& Questions from Home; Week 20)

1) Where is your area and what is it called?
it's in the pure mountains of polochic valley. the area is called santo domingo and it's extremely hot!
2) What are your living conditions like? Electricity, plumbing, etc.
well, we live in the church. we have two classrooms, one for sleeping and the other for cooking and studying. to shower we go outside to the bathroom, put a hose through the window and freeze to death showering and straddling the toilet! but we have electricity, sewer, water, little bit of furniture. it's actually pretty comfy.
3) Bugs, Spiders, Large mammals? Have you seen any?
lots and lots of bugs and spiders. other night there was a tarantula the size of my palm on the bathroom wall. no large mammals, parrots once in awhile flyin' over. nothing too crazy. in the valley in the river there are alligators-and they aren't small either. as far as i know, where i am, there are no jaguars, tapirs or things of that nature.
4) What are the people like? Are they friendly?
they are very friendly. they live in hut type things and all have cell phones. a little confused about that. haha
5) How many people are in your branch/ward?
51 people came to the branch yesterday. it's way small and our area covers miles and miles.it's very rugged too-sending pictures home today. :)

well, i don't need a flashlight. i got the one bapa gave me and it's a wind-up. i knew that was a good idea! haha. my comp is pretty cool. just a little guy and a convert.
the other day we did service and planted corn like in the joseph smith movie-with sticks and a bag of seeds. the only difference is that it was on the side of a mountain.
i'll write more next week! love you!

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Renee Creasey said...

Elder Larsen, I can't believe you are out serving people, teaching the gospel, and planting corn! I am so proud of you! And so excited about the work you are doing. I can imagine how you stick out, so tall, so white, so blond. But I am the Nana, and I KNOW the white giant....and he is the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful missionary alive. I love you SOOOOO much. And I am proud to be your Nana. God bless you in your journey, honey, and I pray God will walk with you every moment of every day. Love, Nana