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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Goodbye City...Hello Jungle!

(Elder Larsen was transferred to the Polochic (pronounced PO-LO-CHEEK) this past Monday.)

So, right now I'm in a place called Coban. Here I will stay the night and then tomorrow I will travel five more hours by micro-bus to my area in Polochic. It's one of the most remote places where there are missionaries in the whole world. As well as Spanish, I will be learning Kekche (Q'eqchi), the ancient Mayan dialect. Not many have the chance to do so, and I am excited and nervous at the same time. These next few months will demand alot, alot of work. I can't wait for you guys to hear what Kekche sounds like though...it's insane!
I didn't have any baptisms this last week unfortunately. We did set one baptism with a lady, but that's about it. We weren't able to find Gabriel so the only thing I could do was leave a picture for my comp to give him.
Just wait until you guys see the pictures of this place-it's gorgeous and incredibly rugged. More rugged than alot of places in Colorado. It's beautiful, wish you guys were here to see it.
Elder Jensen is sad that we are leaving for the Polochic. I will miss him. We are awesome friends. This is an awesome opportunity.
I love you guys, hope you are doing well! Fill me in on the baby, etc.
Love, Elder Larsen

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nita said...

Hello Elder- what a wonderful, wonderful area of the world for you to serve. This past August I went to the Polochic area w/a bunch of LDS singles- we served in some of the villages in that area. It was so wonderful to see missionaries serving there. We were there just for a few days. I remember as we "drove in" on the small bus seeing a couple smiling Elders sitting on a pickup truc. And we met and saw several other Elders while in that region. It was touching to know that there are missionaries serving in that remote and isolated area of the world. Please take care and enjoy your time in the service of Heavenly Father and those wonderful people. I would imagine you will experience far more discomforts than many other missionaires- ie w/the conditions in that part of the world. But I am sure you will be blessed in many other ways. Sincerely, sis in the gospel