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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 25: Earthquakes and FHE

Letter from Our Missionary this week! He sounds good-but we are frantically making a Christmas Music CD to send to him. Guess we should have planned ahead and sent that with him! :)

HEY! I got my camera today in the morning! thank you so much! please take the money out of my account though. i don't want christmas presents this year. i'm giving everything i have and that's all i want.
yesterday i taught the young men and women in spanish about the book of mormon. what it is, who wrote it, where it came from and why we have it.
the next zone conference is in a week and a half in coban where i will get my other packages. i only got my camera today cause the ZL's had meetings with the president in the capitol and brought it back for me. but when we went to the last zone conference we were in elder leguas area and we stayed in a motel made of reeds. pretty interesting. haha.
the language is coming, but its still way hard. its coming-it just feels like its pouring in slowly. its a very simple language. thinking the Lord is just teaching me a little dedication and work ethic right now.
couple new investigators. one is named Abraham Caal (same last name as everyone-caal or coc). hes interested and wants to learn more. hes a school teacher, so i can teach him in spanish instead of kekchi. finally i getta use my voice! another one is named oscar. he came to church yesterday and he lives like two hours away walking. said he bathed in the river half way to church so he wouldn't smell bad. hes very smart and understands english too! lucky me!
well, another week and another change down. christmas season has started and i miss christmas music insanely! watched the first presidency christmas devotional last night and it was awesome. especially when the choir sang oh holy night. gave me chills. i love that song.
we went to the branch presidents house this week for FHE. he has a very big family-like seven kids. he told us how he's giving everything-even removing the one lightbulb in the house-to pay for his childrens educations and to give them futures. i almost cried. that really hit me.
uncle clinton looks like the guy in gods army.
the other night i was lying awake thinking at like 11:30 at night and we had an earthquake. it was pretty cool. smaller than the one we had in glenwood but the exact same thing happened. weird noise and everything moved, nothing more.
if you send any seeds in a package again, send sweet corn! the people here harvest lots of corn and its nasty stuff. if you send some, one packet or two packets would do.
well, no baptisms yet but working on that and have some prospects. working hard. i can feel your testimonies without you even writing them every time. and mom, i'm thinking you need to sing in the tabernacle choir, i miss hearing you sing alot.
i love each and every one of you!
take care,
love tay

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