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Monday, August 31, 2009

Q & A: August 24th, 2009

1) How many people are you teaching? What are they like?
Answer: it varies weekly. we teach alot of less active members and such. sometimes we have maybe five investigators max. the work is slow here. the area we are in is very rich so people don't wanna listen alot. across the street though is extremely poor and very dangerous. we don't go there much. only to visit recent converts who, by the way, are very very faithful.
2) Was the picture of the carrot taken in your apartment? Do you live in someones garage or in an apartment? What is the street you live on so we can find it on Google Earth?
Answer: the picture of the carrot was at the house of our cooking lady. she only makes us lunch but the other day, seeing as my comp is from el salvador where pupusas are famous, she made us pupusas. we live above somebody's garage. it's pretty nice. we have a sweet view of the mountains, the city and i think two volcanoes. one is very prominent and pretty scary haha. we don't know what street we live on. it's a place called santa elena III. try that and if it doesn't work tell me.
3) What are the grocery stores like?
Answer: our grocery store is in this little shopping mall place with a bunch of fake brand stuff. i'm eating alot of cereal. nothing special really. there is one place we go called Metro Norte where there is a Sam's Club and a Wal Mart. they're not named that of course but they are owned by them. it's pretty funny.
4) Do you eat at any restaurants?
Answer: nope. they're dang expensive. wendy's is Q40 a meal. that's about average for the US but expensive here. tell Zack to look up the Quetzel Bird.
5) Are you walking or do you have bikes/car?
Answer: we definately walk everywhere. sometimes we ride in the back of someones truck or we get free rides from taxis. one time the police gave us a ride. our area is really big so my legs are growing alot haha.
6) Do you know we love you and miss you? :)
Answer: yes...i do.

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