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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 93: Seamay for Another Change!

sounds like you all had a good week! we did too.

well last week we left off on the conference with president torres.

well besides that the week didnt really get busy until thursday. thats when we started baptismal interviews for the sisters who baptized two people. one guy was 35 years old. told me about some interesting dreams in his baptismal interview. i also did another interview for a young girl that got married and baptized. thats where i got the chicken picture. they killed lots of chickens for the celebratory meal after!

on friday morning we found out that the grandfather of a friend of mine died. that kid is one of my best friends here. he is a returned missionary and is looking for a wife. i suggested kelsey. ;) but seriously though. if she wants someone that will stay faithful to the end it is a qeqchi man. this kid is the man. very active in the church and always goes out to visit with us. even without us. you should write him kels! test your spanish and test his english. he is learning english right now. shoot. i forgot to bring his email address. he would be a really cool pen pal anyway.

the picture of the guy in black and white is his dad. that is one of the most powerful pictures i have ever taken. zoom in on his eyes. background: he is watching them put the casket in the grave.

we went to the funeral. super sad. remember how i told you guys about that really old guy that would come to church every sunday. the one that pinched the little baby's cheek and pretended like he was eating it? that was him that died. a very faithful member.

after the funeral we had a baptism. the little girl in the picture is the girl that got baptized. her name is Juana. she lives with her member aunt and uncle and her grandparents.

sunday was good. they got confirmed.

today we are in el estor. we just got back from rio dulce. it was cool. we left at four in the morning and wont be getting back home until around sixish. it was cool. a good going away trip. you guys need to let me know if you want souvenirs. cuz i will "git sum".

i did not have a transfer. i am in seamay for another change at least! i will enjoy that. we have lots of people progressing and lots of possibilities. blas senior will also be celebrating his birthday on the 27th of april. so we shall see if we get a good caldo or somethin :) i think they will help us out with that again.

this email seems really short but nothing else has happened this week. i would love to come down here as a family. i feel like these people are my people. they almost (ALMOST) feel like my family. especially blas' family. they crack me up.

well i miss and love all of you! hope you enjoy the pictures!! and how is that investigator that asked for your number doing? did they go to church again?



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