"Be strong and of a good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee." Joshua 1:9

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 91: Inactive Members, Polochic, Corn Planting

hello family! how are you?

what i wrote in q'eqchi' last week is the same as what i wrote in english. no biggie. i love this qeqchi though haha.

in a lesson this last week we were sitting there teaching this little girl that is gonna get baptized saturday and a bug flew into my eye. dang thing. took like twenty minutes to get it out.

i had a dream about my phone and computer this last week. it was funny. i got home and asked for my computer and phone and mom just started apologizing and saying that she was sorry and all this stuff. then she told me that my phone and computer had both gotten ruined or taken or something i dont know. but i cried hahaha.

on saturday we were invited to a lunch where they gave us beef caldo (soup). not soup like yours mom. a little different. picture hopefully included. well it was super good. but they told us about this RM that had come back with all his family to visit. supposedly down to his cousins he brought. tons of people. anyway, he, his dad, and his brother went and helped people plant corn. i would love that. my companion and i started talking about it after and thinking about how incredibly awesome that would be. i would love to come back and visit senahu. we gotta do it. i would love to bring you guys down here too to see the reaction you guys would get from the people. i guarantee you right now mom that people would say you have fire on your head.

we have also been working with this other family of inactives. they are the daughter and son-in-law of the convert i had when i was here last. they haven't been to church for like 10 years. they know it is true. they bare testimony of it every time we go there. their two sons are going to church every sunday and want to be baptized. we just cant baptize them yet cuz the parents dont go. it is so frustrating. we're working on it.

as for classes, chemistry 105 would be good again. i kinda screwed up in that class. i dont even know how. its quite embarrassing. other than that i would have to see a list to be able to choose. i think.

also how am i supposed to get in shape? where will i lift weights? run? its gonna take alot more than simply running to the end of the subdivision and back.

today we had a meeting with president torres. a training thing. it wasnt a zone conference-but it basically was. we just talked about teaching tactics and how to teach with the spirit. it was great to see the polochik elders too!

monday i think we will be going to rio dulce again. that place with the castle. hopefully i dont get a change. transfers are next week.

i had a weird feeling about the family this last week. they suddenly came to mind and were pressed there. not because of what you said. i could just feel it. something was hurting this last week and today i found out what it was. its cuz they went back. weird how that communication can take place.

i love you and miss you all!


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