"Be strong and of a good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee." Joshua 1:9

Monday, July 5, 2010


well happy fourth of july you people!

i didnt celebrate it. unfortunately. we found a tarantula instead. in fact this last week we found three tarantulas and caught a bat. that was pretty exciting.

we didnt have much progress in church yesterday. we started on time and everything and then all of a sudden the first counselor is sitting in the congregation. it confused me kinda. i dont know how you forget something like that. but whatever.

this last week was full of goodbyes. i got a transfer. i am in senahu right now writing. my new area is called seamay. it is gorgeous here. they say the area is ready to progress and have found lots of cool new places that havent got the gospel yet. the church is still young here i guess. my new companion is elder Fadel from Bountiful Utah. he is awesome! apparently he and elder goodwin went to school together and are great friends. he is very humble, hilarious and this change is gonna be awesome. its funny. when i found out i was getting a change i had a feeling i was going to be with elder fadel. he likes the word neener too. just for everything.

i am way tired. i was up till twelve packing and got up at 530. and you cannot sleep on buses here. it hurts.

well we went with a good friend this last week. his name is estevan. he is an amazing friend and his family is too. he has too little kids maybe 7 years old (his son) and his daughter is probably 5 ish. they arent members but when the little girl heard i was leaving she cried i guess. i will have to come and visit them someday.

everyone in actela and santo domingo didnt want me to leave. one guy even told me not to leave and that i should build a house there. well they dont sell land here. it is inherited and i told him such and he told me he would give me some land to build a house. very humbling.

i am excited for this new change. i feel new and ready to go. i felt stagnant and not progressing in santo domingo. it was time for a new face there.

oh and im district leader now. my district consists of my companionship, sister eduarte and sister colato. its not too much so its a good start. :)

so i was waiting for the bus to come up to senahu and one of the ladies from actela was there traveling to senahu also. well she came up shook my hand and grabbed my shoulder and talked to me. she treated me like a good friend. that really hit me. i may have got crap from little kids (calling me corn hair!) but the people in actela, despite their wealth, are humble and respect me. they are my brothers and sisters and i am their brother. it is kind of interesting the bond that can be formed when in the service of your fellow man.

someday i wanna go back and visit.

so the internet here is really slow. i will try and send some pictures next week for sure. i still owe you guys the pictures of the marshmallow roast. will work on that.

well imma turn the comp off and go eat some ice creamage. oh btw the house here is right in senahu. so im close to everything but still can find and see really cool places.

i love and miss each and every one of you. and i send a shout out to all those reading the blog haha.

until next week!

elder larsen


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