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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 54: A Talk on Temples & Ties

Did you get my email about the videos?
yes. thats weird they didnt work for the first year. but its good they finally did.

I will let you know (Austin's mission) the destination. Any guesses?

How did Isaiah's house fair after that storm? Is it a reed house like the others? Does he have a family?
yeah, he does have a family. a big one. lots of kids. his house is still there. they are clearing a spot down the hill a little ways and off to the side for a new house. one time he told us that someday he is going to be a member.

Where would President put the little temporary church buildings?
well there are churches all over the place. the small prefab churches are for the more remote locations. it takes a lot to establish a branch though. we will see how things turn out. hes not considering a church building up there yet. we have to have baptisms first.

last week we were up in actela talking to a group of men. they started asking tons of interesting questions. deep, good questions. like how many families they need to have there to have their own church building. and they asked if we could come do an activity and share a movie and talk with all the people about it. it was crazy because for weeks i have been talking about that with the leaders. i hadnt mentioned it to any one person up there and then that man asked exactly what we had been planning. to the detail. they even went and asked permission for us to the mayor guy. telling him they want us to do the activity. we will see. that place really excites me.

Any progress this week with anyone? How is Romelia?
they are all progressing. they just dont tend to come to church much. we will have to get them back. we also went with a less active family. supposedly they got sealed in the temple and have lots of kids that arent baptized. we will be working with them more. they say they just cant leave their church for four or five months cuz of "callings".

Did you have a funeral for the little boy? Do they have funeral services like we do?
they do do funerals here. they do them five times. five saturdays in a row. its strange.

i gave a talk yesterday. on temples. saturday night elder parry and i organized the whole sacrament room. set up chairs and everything. then we lent ties to all the men in white shirts and made sure they sat where they needed to. to show people that we ARE different from other churches. it was the best sacrament meeting we have had in a long time. the members even commented on it.

no baptismal dates yet. working on that. when we do get some though, it will be a large quantity :) like 30 or so. maybe. i really have no doubts about that area in actela. for that im working there. president torres even told me to keep it up. so i am.

i love you and miss you all. again im sorry that your friend passed away mom. i sure am glad for the knowledge that we have though.

take care and hear from you all next week!!


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