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Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 31: Changes, Companions and Mac n' Cheese

Well not much has happened again-just busy.

Tuesday of last week we did devisions with the ZLs. I went to Teleman with an Elder from Florida named Elder Waters. He's gone now-left for the capital yesterday. He's going home. While we were on divisions he expressed his desires to hunt in Colorado. He wants to come hunt in Colorado. While we were on divisions we saw two drunk guys try and fight. We just stood there and stared it was absolutely hilarious. They were just slapping each other and falling over hahahahaha!! I was cracking up. They didnt even do anything cuz they were too drunk so they couldnt hurt each other.

Thursday we found out that my companion had a change. Elder Flores left yesterday at four to go to Coban to his new area. It was pretty sad. The people become very good friends here. Especially the members. Right now I'm in Teleman again waiting for news about who my new companion will be. From the way things are looking its going to be Elder Vasquez who only has about six more weeks than I do in the mission. This change is gonna be a change of lots of rapid learning. Or else! I'm finally getting a good foundation. Elder Legua and Elder Schone didnt have changes so I will see them every monday still. :)

Change conference is always on Mondays. They only tell us who is leaving the week before so we have time to pack. Here in the Polochic they tell us two days before everyone else. But the official changes dont happen until monday. So right now I'm kinda in a limbo. I'm with Elder Schone and Elder Vasquez. And last night I stayed in the zls house with Elder Vasquez. It's way random but someones gotta hold down the fort I guess. We're kinda the center of things and running things right now. It's strange. Don't know if I'm ready for alot of responsibility.

I havent heard anything from Grady or Brenton. They need to write me! And I need Ethan Churchs and Jordan Geddes emails if you can obtain them. (big word). I wanna see where they are and if they're where other missionaries live that I know here.

I'm glad to hear that the work plans are falling into place slowly but surely. Read Mosiah 7:33. (Pretty sure thats it.) Please pray and fast. I'm worried and I shouldnt be. Don't worry though. I wont get distracted but I just need to know my family is safe :)

So, I'm thinking you should do all in your power to get every book that James E. Talmage has ever written. The man is a genious and once, Albert Einstein was asked how he felt being the smartest man in the world. His reply was -"I dont know-ask Talmage"!

I found a book here in the zls house called Articles of Faith. It might have been included in the missionary reference library when dad was out but its not now. It talks about the Book of Mormon and other doctrines so bluntly and powerfully. I would like you to read it. He's a great writer and has a ton of knowledge.

Thank you for the recipe! I'll see what I can do. I can get the ingredients the only thing is measuring them haha. We dont have measuring cups or anything so I'll see what I can think of :)

Although I love getting packages please dont send anymore. I have what I need :) I love you all. Please save the money and take care of everything there. I can handle it here :)

I'm not on facebook. Megan gets on and accepts friend requests or whatever else I have.

I miss you-each and every one. Soon you should get some mail from me that you'll really like!!!!

Take care. I will include more details when I have them, as for now I gotta go wait and relax while we wait for changes. Zl's houses rock as they have good food. MAC AND CHEESE BABY!!

(Elder Larsen)

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