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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Phone Call

Here are a few of the "details" Tay shared with us on the phone yesterday. So fun!

* Tayler and his companion (and a few other elders) were at a members home and noticed a small monkey tied to a tree. They went over to take pictures and see it. It grabbed Taylers tie and climbed up him-nearly choking itself to death in the process because it had the rope around its neck! He said it just kept crawling up him, even though its head was craning backwards because of the rope! He got pictures...can't wait to see these.

* For Christmas, the Branch had a dinner in the church building where Tay and his companion live. They spread pine needles all over the floor (guess this is the custom) and then they served a soup called Caldo. Usually this has broth and beef or a chicken in it, but since it was Christmas, they threw in one of the tame turkeys that wander the yards. Tay loved it and said it is very tasty. They eat it alot.

* There are two zones in the Polochic area-Kekchi speaking with about 40+- missionaries.

* Santo Domigo (Tay's current area) is like a little pueblo, and sits on a saddle. He cannot buy groceries here, only chips and snacks.

* We asked Tayler about tracting and how it differs from the US. He said they walk on little dirt paths through the moutainside until they get about 20' from someones hut. When they are 20' from their hut, they call out announcing they are approaching by calling out an owl sound or something that sounds like (and I wrote this down based on how he said it) "banoowl". Most people welcome them, and when they hear the call, will come out of their huts to greet them. When passing people on the trails, they usually just say "Hey" or "Bueno".

* Taylers companion is from Nicaragua and his name is Elder Flores. Tayler has been helping him with English. He and Elder Flores are now teaching an English class in the branch once per week and have about 10 people that come.

* Favorite part of mission so far? Tay said it is having a different perspective on life and knowing what it is truly all about and knowing the BIG picture. He likes being able to help people, answer their questions, find their answers in the scriptures, and answer doctrinal questions. He loves it.

* The Polochic area is fertile. There are crops everywhere-pineapple, corn, beans. Tayler loves the refried black beans with eggs and has become the cook for him and his companion. Sounds like he is cooking alot of french toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc.

* Says he feels like Indiana Jones and is loving it! :) Wants everyone to know he loves them and misses them and to keep writing!

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